Posted by: ottok88 | January 16, 2008


Just getting a little bit familiar with this “blogging business”.  At this time I don’t think I will be writing here every, every day.  As much as I enjoy writing I have other writings going on.  Maybe sometime I’ll write what all my writing is.  In the meantime I have a couple of books that I am reading “concurrently” (how do you like that? “CONCURRENTLY”!)  And I have crosswords to work on, exercise to do….that is important for me!  On the subject of health…I went to Dr. Moy yesterday and he says my cataracts could be ‘surgeried’ now, anytime.  They ate right on “the edge”.  But he suggest waiting a few months.  So I will!  What comes after that?  Who knows, eh?  I know…time for mid-morning coffee break with my sweetheart!



  1. Welcome to cyberspace, Daddio, may i call you that?
    I have a myspace blog, but its mostly about politics and baseball.
    I find your teachings rather unique and mostly very cheery!!!
    That is refreshing in todays society.
    See you most likely tommorow, your Favorite son-in law Mr Kenners.

  2. COOL- We weill be reading what you have to say.

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