Posted by: ottok88 | January 19, 2008

A very cold day, but what bright sunshine!  The air must have been very clear to allow all those rays to come thru!  And the breads that Marthe and I baked yesterday turned out to be tasty, but I thought that they should have raised more. I’ll blame it on old yeast, or at least elderly.  Or maybe the rising loaves got a chill when that shouldn’t have happened.  Those things like to be warm and comfy while readying themselves to be baked.  Anyway,  the taste of home-baaked bread was there.

 We had a few hearty laughs today and that was good.  Another thing that was good was the home-made GUMBO that Marty sent over.  I also had a chance to do a little writing.  Had hoped to do a little reading also.  I am behind in my reading.  “A Passage to India” which I began before Christmas is still undone.  Oh, I am almost done, but, not quite, and there are two more, started, but not finished.  And one that I got from Lynne is waiting to be started.  That’s “Three Cups of Tea”.  Well, I can’t do wverything that I want to do.  Marty loaned us a couple of old movies (DVD) and we have to watch those two.  So, you see, it isn’t all my fault! I neeed to do little things around the house for my “SWEETHEART”, and you know who she is.  She is my first priority.  Writings, and readings, and movies, even Jeanette MacDonald are way below her and the kids on my list of Important Things. Now I will go and spend the rest of the evening with her.  Good night!  



  1. I like the new background gramps!

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