Posted by: ottok88 | January 28, 2008

The other asleep I get idea of what i want to write here, but tjat when I made a comment on how sometimes as I am falling I get nideas for what I want to write here but the next day it ia all forgotten.  Granddaughter, Jenn, sugested keeping post-it notes handy as she does.  Good idea!  Then daughter, Louise, (Lulu), suggested checking my pillow because the ideas might still be there!??? 

Anyway, here it is Monday morning (YAWN) and what am I gonna write about?

Oh, yes!  In our church bulletin of yesterday, there was a notice about a young man in India who is studying hard to become a doctor. His parents are dead and he has no other family. It was suggeste that maybe he would be encourage by receiving a card, or letter from someone in the U.S.   So, since I enjoy writing, I think I just might be one whose letter he will receive.  What do you think of that?  (Don’t laff.  I have heard that some people actually SAVE my letters!  So there!

And, now, I have things to do, but I may be back later.  I’d ;ile to tell you what I am reading now.

By the way…is there a speel sheck somewhere on this blog writing?



  1. Great idea about writing to the family-less young man. I’m sure your letter(s) would make his day!

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