Posted by: ottok88 | February 1, 2008


At last January has ended! And it seems that this one was colder, and snowier, than the ones I remember.  or am I just getting older and coder?  No matter, really.  I still enjoy my life.  Part of that must be due to my super family and friends.  Today, after a particularly heavy snowfall, our granddaughter Jennifer, assisted by our daughter (Jenn’s mother),  cleaned our immensely vast driveway.  And some very kind neighbors managed to clean the walk in front of our house!!!   Isn’t that a blessing, especially for this old man.

 Now don’t start saying, “Oh, you’re not old, Otto!”  HA! I know I am.  I feel it in my bones!

Say, did any of you ever resd the Rachel Carson book, “Silent Spring”?  Too bad ‘we’ did not listen to her some 40-50 years ago when the book was first published!  Maybe we wouldn’t be so concerned with “global warming” and “endangeres species” now.  I noticed a few years ago , the dearth of insects in our environment. Have you?  Think about how, when driving along, we would gather all sorts of insects splatteres across the windshield of our cars.  UGH!  And have you noticed how fes honey bees are in our gardens lately?  And butterflies, too?  And house flies?  Who is going to pollinate for us?  What will happen to all the fruits and veggies?

When we moved here some 40 years ago we used to see those lovely little wriggley garter snakes in our back yards every year, but now it is a rarity!   And I remember that wonderful song of the Red-winged blackbird every summer, but no more!  What’s happening?  Mankind’s chemical warfare against all these creatures.  And would you believe that I miss them?

I was hoping I could have Marthe write a few lines her, but she really is busy.  And part of that busy-ness is her taking care of ME!  Poor kid.  Her! Not me!



  1. I don’t miss the snakes, ew! haha!

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