Posted by: ottok88 | February 13, 2008


Yesterday , Tuesday the 12th of February, we had CABLE installed!  It is so very new to us that we just feel that we have a lot to learn.  But from what we have seen, we think we are ‘gonna’ like it (as everyone tells us).

But to make the day more excitingWell, it seems as though the snowfalls are not over yet, eh, there was a little damage done to one of my treasures.  The clock that my parents received for a wedding gift in November of 1898 (yes 1898) was knocked off the entertainment center where we have our TV, and fell to the floor!!!  It was an accident cause by the cable guy as he was pulling cable from a carton to insert thru the wall to the outside!  It was an accident but horryfying to me to see, actuall see it happen!  We called Comcast today and explained what happened and they will pay for the repair.  Fortunately the damage was not extensive and I feel that it can be repaired. 

Well, it looks as though the Chicago snow season is not over yet.  We just heard that last year at this time we had had about 13 inches of snow.  So far this year 45 inches!  Does that make you feel proud to be a Chicagoan?  But, hey!, there are some places that always have much more, so we really should not start bragging.  Just be glad that it IS almost SPRING!



  1. Those clumsy cable guys!!! Make sure Comcast pays for their sins…

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