Posted by: ottok88 | February 27, 2008


Yep! still winter, but one day closer to spring, whenever it gets here, right?

This morning while Marthe and Lulu are out, hither and yon, I had my mid-morning coffee break ALONE!  It just ain’t the same as having coffee with SOMEBODY and chatting about whatever.  Yesterday we had a call dfrom COMCAST.  They are sending someone to look at the clock that was accidentally broken while cable was being installed.  Oh!  Did I tell you about that?  It was that (antique, now) German clock tha my parents receivbed for their wedding in 1898.    I think it can be fixed because it wasn.t shattered.  So, we’ll see.

I keep telling myself that it is only a timepiece and I can’t take it with me.  What do you mean, where amI going?  Well, eventually, on that gereat escalator to beyond the  sky!  That’s where!  But now I have some things to do down here.  Like take care of that Income Tax Return.  Have you done yours already?  If so, good for you.

I could write a lot more, and probably more interesting than what I have written.  But that can wait.  I’ll be back.    ‘



  1. My taxes are done. But you already knew that. At least I told you that, I don’t know if you remember ha!

  2. Just think in 9 days, we will ‘spring ahead’, and then less than 2 wks after that, it will be SPRING (on the calender, at least). few days more it will be EASTER. That will leave about 3 more wks until tax deadline. But a few days before that, BILL will be turning the big FIVE-OH. and then….well, I think I’ll stop now. i’m getting too far ahead, right?

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