Posted by: ottok88 | March 2, 2008

Missed writing on Feb. 29th

Yep! I wanted to write on Feb 29 because it was a special date.   Oh well! c’est la vie, eh?  No I don’t speak French.  Well, maybe a little; couldn’t be married to a French Canadienne for 52 years without learning a little of the language.

Now we have a decision to make.  We always meet up with having to make decisions.  Doesn’t everyone?  Anyway, this one is regarding a trip to Las Vegas!  Our daughter Denise and husband Andy, and the two kids have asked us to go with them!  We have not been there and think we could enjoy it.  However, I am very doubtful that I could handle it.  I am not as young aa  I used to be.  Can you believe it?  And I am, uh, very, yes, very tired. My leg aren’t operating too well anymore and there is no way to fix them.   I feel that I would be a detriment to the group!  And after all, Vegas is no place for OLD MEN, eh? At least no place to get a rest! 

Right now, I have other things that I am concerned about.  There is the INCOME TAX to get out of the way. And we have to take care of having my antique German clock repaired. Did I tell you about that?  It accidentally fell from it’s perch, crashed to the floor and, of course, broke.  However, it is repairable, I think!  Well, we shall see.  On Tuesday after our “senior’s breakfast” we will take that poor old clock to the doctor and have it diagnosed.  I don’t think we need to arrange for a funeral. After all that clock is only 110 years old!

That “SENIOR’S BREAKFAST” that I mentioned happens once a month when our nieces and nephews get together with old Uncle Otto, and not so old, Aunt Marthe for a little get together. It is something we look forward to eah month and doesn’t take too much of my limited energy. Our March date is next Tuesday.  We have chosen “Elly’s Pancake House” for our site this time.  We all feel that this is a good choice: good food, good service, reasonable prices.  What more can one ask of a restaurant?



  1. Go to Vegas! You only live once! Even if you don’t do 101 things, maybe you can do 10. I’m sure it’ll still be a very fun experience! They can always take me instead 🙂

  2. Good advice, Jenn! But, not sure that I will follow it. I just wish I had as much energy as you do.
    Grandma, Seven and Voodoo say HELLO!

    Love you, Gramps

  3. Hey….don’t worry about missing writing on Feb 29th. You can catch it next time……..

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