Posted by: ottok88 | March 6, 2008

Our March Seniors Bkfst

Last Tuesday was the date of our March get-together with our nephews and nieces.  We met at Elly’s Pancake House on Milwaukee Ave.  It was a success and was chosen as our next monthly bkfst.  After the meeting Marthe and I and nephew John went to visit my sister at the home for Alzheimer patients.  Previously my sister didn’t recognize me.  I fellt that deeply.  But WOW!  this time she knew me as her brother!  What a good feeling that was!

Last night we went to a meeting at our Austin Irving Branch of the Library.  We heard a lot about their new services…interesting.  We asked about having an automatic door installed and Tony, the librarian suggested calling 311.  I did, just this morning.  The woman was very nice, friendly and helpful and after talking with her superior suggested calling the Main Library downtown.  I did, and that person, also pleasant and helpful suggested calling the person in charge of all the north Side Branches.  I did.  And again a friendly, willing to help type of person came on the line.  I am really encouraged now, that something may be done about an automatic door!!!

That would be a big help for any disabled or elderly person!  Or an ancient one, such as I.

id you hear that next week the temperatures will be in the 50’s?  Now, who do we call if THAT doesn’t happen?

Excuse me now.  It is time for a coffee break.  I hope you have an enjoyable day.



  1. Way to go! I hope the library gets that ottomatic door. Besides the elderly or disabled, think about all the moms with strollers, what a big help!

  2. i was thinking about Aunt Lu recently, wondering how she is. That’s nice that you went to visit, and she recognized you.

    What about getting an automatic door for your house–you have so many people and animals coming and going… hi Marthe. hi Jenn.

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