Posted by: ottok88 | March 10, 2008


Jennifer just informed us that she added a note to our outgoing E-mails to ask the recipients to take a look at our BLOG!  But what I really want to say today (March 10) is about books.

Our son-in-law, Marty loaned us a copy of “Silent Spring”by Rachel Carson.  It was originally published in 1962, and should have been heeded then.  It is certainly an eye-opener telling us what we are doing to our planet with all the chemicals we use and all the trash and garbage we dump anywhere, not to mention fumes from this and that!  It is shocking  and sad too, to find out that the culprits sre “US”.

We, in our family read a lot, but I am sure that we all have the same tastes.  I like quite a variety of subjects from popular novels to older authors, like Hemingway, Maugham, Agathe Christie, to Tolstoy,  Dumas, Aquinas, Augustine, Plato, etc. etc.  How about you?

Some of my favorites are by a couple of French Canadian authors; Gabrielle Roy, and Louis Hemon.  Of course, I need to read the English translations.  But, Marthe has read most of their book in the original French.  Too bad I cannot, becayse I am sure the original is superior.  Do you agree?

I could talk about books anytime.  By the way, I have some old books that I woild like t0 sell.  Some from the 1920’s, some more recent, also, and I have a beautiful, special edition of the “Rubiyat” from 1947!  I am also willing to sell some of my 33 1/3 albums. Some popular, some classical, some operas.  Quite a variety.  Besides books I like all kinds of music.

That’s about it for now. I don’t write every day, but I;ll be back again.  Have a great day, and take heart, SPRING will come!



  1. Im very happy for you and your new blog, Ill keep reading.

  2. I’m impressed by the sophistication of this blog. I love the idea of having a place where we can speak our mind to those “out there” and see what comes back. It’s good to put down our thoughts and it’s good to get feedback to consider our thoughts from another perspective. It helps to make the large spaces that separate us less of an obstacle and we can be together in a unique way to keep our dialogue going. I’ll keep stopping by. To be continued…

    I am excited thinking of see so many of my Chicago relatives next week for a special luncheon. Then the laughs will punctuate the serious talk, the food will be shared and enjoyed and we will make memories for us all to savor. Cameras and camcorders will help our memories capture details we might otherwise forget to share at a future gathering or over the internet.
    Bless our hosts for this mini reunion. There will plenty of helping hands, hugs, belly laughs and reminescenses. I smile even now thinking of the wonderful noise we will make, the smiles and laughter, little ones here and there and our Otto and Marthe reigning over the festivities. See you soon Kremsreiters, Smarjes, Maxes, children and young ones. Soon. Oh, boy.

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