Posted by: ottok88 | March 27, 2008


One week from today on April 3rd Marthe and I are hosting a “cousins reunion”.  That is a group (partial) of our nieces and nephews will be gathering here…14 of them!  All of them, and we too, are looking forward to it.  We don’t get together very often at all.  Some are coming in from Michigan (including one GRAND niece and nephew).  When we DO gather, there is much laughter and good feelings of love and friendship. And THAT is what makes it so special!  If we ever have a gathering of all of our nieces and nephews and grands as well, we would need a fairly large hall.  And we do have great grands, and even a few great, great, grands!  But it is great to be Aunt and Uncle to such a terrifig clan.  At least half of them live in Quebec or we would REALLY have to find an arena to meet in. (in which to meet?)

Yesterday we attended a meeting at “OUR” Retirement Home (of the future). It was all about how to sell your home, and how to invest the proceeds and how to minimize any taxes, etc.  Informative, but not exciting.  I guess we are not yet entirely certain that moving there is the BEST thing for us.  What do you think? We are still on the waiting list, but ????

Hey!  how about this “SPRINGTIIME” weather?  Even now, on March 27th, as I sit here typing, I can see the snow falling past the window!  We have had a very unusual winter, even for Chicago.  But we still love our city.

Noe, I hear my beloved wife, Marthe, calling me to come to have a bit of lunch.  When she calls, I just can’t resist.  I’ll write again.  But I would enjoy some comments from you. Whether here in Chicago, or California, or Canada, or Hawaii, or Germany, or???



  1. Hi Otto– this is Joe, Toni and Ray’s son. They mentioned that you had a blog, so I had to check it out. Very impressive and 21st-century!

    Glad to hear all is well with you and Marthe, and if you have some time, check out my blog at and our podcast at

    All the best!

  2. Hi Dad, you never mentioned this reunion to me! Am I invited? I can bring your granddog.

    as for your moving to the Home, I know it’s a hard thing to do, after being in your own home for quite a few years. It’s not easy for me to sell my place of 13 years either. One has to really ‘psyche’ oneself into doing it, I guess. It does feel good to get rid of clutter which acculates over the years. The more years, the more clutter.

    time to go now, see you soon.

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