Posted by: ottok88 | March 31, 2008


We always thought that Marsh was the month that brought SPRING to our area!?  So it is a little late this year?  Oh, well. We can’t do anything about that, eh?

Anyway I want to tell you that I have finished an excellent book and I would recommend it.  It is “SILENT SPRING” by Rachel Carson.  Marty loaned it to me and I should return it one of these days.  It is an older book, published, I believe, in the 60’s, but relevant anytime!  It warns us to be more judicious in the use of chemicals.

Now I am well into another book that I really want to recommend.  This one was given to me at Christmas by daughter, Lynne, but I just began to read it.  And it is a good read.  It is well written, intelligent, interesting, and true.  It is the story of a mountain climber who witnessed the children in a remote Himalayan village who were so very eager to learn, to go to school, but had no school building, no books, no school  supplies, no school building!  Then he, Greg Mortenson, took it uppon himself to raise some money, purchase  some supplies to build a school, travel back to the site and have a school built. It turned out to be one of 55 schools he had built in that rugged, even dangerous, area of Pakistan.  I find it difficult to pause in my reading of this book.  Maybe you would find it exciting too!

Tomorrow we have our regular monthly breakfast meeting with a group of our nieces and nephews.  Then on Thursday we will host a luncheon for this same group plus a few additional nieces and nephews coming in from Michigan.  It will be good to see the Michiganders again!  There will be a total of sixteen for lunch in our tiny dining room!  But we will enjoy it!

And, Hey!  Maybe SPRING is on the way…be happy! 



  1. I am curious about Silent Spring. Is it the type of book that makes you mad to find out these things that humans are doing to ruin the world? Kind of Michael Moore-ish? I find those interesting, yet so maddening.

  2. Reading your blog is just like getting letters from you. I LOVE IT!!! I sent you “address” on to Jeff and Kathleen. I’m sure they will enjoy it too. I was at the cousin reunion, but I don’t want to say much about it, because I’m sure you will address it in your blog when you get a minute (or recover from it). We all had a wonderful time!

    When you were talking about books….I was thinking of my two classic favorites…Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. I reread them every couple of years. Mostly I read my Bible…I read the WHOLE thing last year and am going for twice in a row. It has wonderful stories, history, mystery and intrigue! Plus, you get to know our Creator and Savior more intimately.

    However, if you’re into light-hearted literature, as a kindergarten teacher, I recommend any story by children’s author, Robert Munch (a Canadian author). I absolutely love his stories and so do my students. I heartily recommend “Stephanie’s Ponytail”, “Alligator Baby” and “Aaron’s Hair”….and there are many more. He’s a stitch!

    Sure loved seeing you on Thursday. Also loved Marthe’s sandwiches (yummy). I hope we can get together again this summer or fall.

    Love ya, Nan

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