Posted by: ottok88 | April 5, 2008

Cousin’s Reunion a Success!

April 5th already!  Yes the anticipated reunion was great!  We had 15 nieces and nephews here.  Four of them came in from the Kalamazoo area, 10 from the Chicago area, and one from the St. Louis area and THAT was a surtprise.  We had no idea Harold would be here.  We had not seen him for, well, maybe 2 years.  But when he heard about it he said he had to drive up and join us.

It was several hours of happy reminiscing and laughing and photo-ing and, eating!  So many brought food,  home-baked and otherwise, snack food, those calories flowed all afternoon!  It was a memorable occasion.  They are just a great bunch of “kids”. I feel that I can call them kids, because I am the old uncle.  But, to tell the truth some of them are not much younger that I.  The oldest nephew is only about 5 years younger.

It was just such a joy to have them all here together.  If our 5 daughters and their husbands could have been here (they are cousins, too, to the others) and the other 2 who were absent, there would have been a group of…hmmm…27 (?) cousins.  If we ever manage to have them ALL together we will need to rent a “party room” at some local restaurant.  Wouldn’t THAT be fun?

Enough for now.  Marthe and I worked in the back yard for a while and I am tired (even the I did not work that  much). I’ll be back tho.  Don’t know just when, but I will be back.  Maybe next time I can put some pictures on here?  We mmight do that.



  1. I’m so glad that David & I were able to join all of you for the reunion. I hope that those of you from the Chicago area realize how blessed you are to have grown up so close to each other. I can only imagine how hard it was on my grandmother (Sue) to have had to move so far away from such a close-knit, loving family. My mom (Cathy) and her sisters grew up without any relatives nearby….what a shame to have missed out on all that love. We all had a wonderful time.

    Thank you, Otto and Marthe, for being such a gracious and attentive Host and Hostess. Thank you for opening your lovely home to all of us.

    We love you!

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