Posted by: ottok88 | April 11, 2008


Just a week ago yesterday, Marthe and I hosted a lunch for a group of our nieces and nephews…15 of them were able to be here!  And what a great gathering it was!  The feedback from them boosted our ego 10 times.

We are still enjoying the memory of that day of joy, laughter, and love.  Most of the “guests” are from the Chicago area, but 4 came from the Kalamazoo area, and one from around St. Louis.  That one was a surprise!!!  We did not expext Harold!  But he said that when he heard about the “reunion” he had to pack up and drive those many miles to be with us! Some of them are  already wondering whether there will be a repeat next year!

Who knows where we will be next year?  I may have mentioned before that we are considering a move to one of those “RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES” so popular now. It is a big decision!

And did I mention how our 100+ year old clock was was damaged?  Well our first claim was denied but we were told of another path to try with better results.  So if you are a pray-er please saya a little prayer for our clock.  It is a treasure to us, as it was a weddding gift to my parents in 1898!

  Do you believe in prayer?  I do! I do!  And I believe that the reason i am at peace, and can hanle problems, such as the damaged clock, with equanimity (how do you like that word, huh?) is because I have God in my life.  Don’t you agree/

No, I am not going to start preaching.  In fact, right now I am goingto sign off, and say Au Revoir!

Otto  and Hello from Marthe



  1. Whether it’s a broken treasure or a broken heart, the only way to find peace during trying times is by knowing that God is in control, He loves us, and that He will see us through.

    My prayers are with you always!

    Love, Nan

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