Posted by: ottok88 | April 22, 2008


YES! it is Earth Day!  Let’s keep it green!  Marthe went to the JEWEL this AM with her new green reuseable shopping bag, and the clerk first put each of her 2 items in a separate plastic bag.  Then put those 3 plastic bags into the green reuseable bag.  Now, isn’t a help towards conserving energy?  Especially on EARTH DAY?

But here is some good news!  Marthe, smart kid that she is, found the Kremsreiter Family Album!  That treasured item that I was sure for a long time was lost forever! But Marthe found it, bless her.  Now I want to do a little work with it and print up more permanent types of ID labels so everyone can tell WHO’S WHO in the family. It must have been “missing” for 3, perhaps 4, years, and we never thought of looking in that little cabinet upstaire!

I have a lot of projects that I would like to finish before I leave this planet!  Gotta get busy!  But they are all things that I know I will enjoy. And the good part is that I will get to sit around and work on them.

We had anothe rspecial celebration last Sunday.  Two sons-in-law, turned 50, so their wives had a party for them, where else? at “Ma’s” house” of course!  “Ma” and I feel that we have had enough parties for at least a few months, maybe JULY! 

I would like to have had this written in larger type, but…can’t find any “buttons” to control that!  My eyesight need those cataracts removed.  And now,  altho I could, and would, write more, I want to go sit on the deack and read while the sun is still shining!

So, I say, Auf Wiedersehn, for now.



  1. There isn’t a button to make the font bigger that I know of. Perhaps a code, but no buttons.

    What I do suggest is writing your post in a word document so you can play with the size. When you’re finished, paste it into the text box here on wordpress. The text size won’t stay large, but at least you’ll be able to see it better when typing.

  2. I’m impressed that you used the green font for part of your earth day entry…..did you know you used green?
    Yes, it was a good party, nice that the weather cooperated and we could enjoy the sunshine.
    Don’t worry, we won’t make you wait too long till the next party. (Is the coffee started?)

  3. Love the story about the resuable grocery bags! I’m sure it was some “young” clerk who did that. You know the youth are very concerned about the environment!

    Love ya, Nan

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