Posted by: ottok88 | May 12, 2008


 Yes, it has been a long time since I wrote here.  But I have not been idle.  I write in several other places…like a journal, and in Jenn’s book.  (Did I ever tell you about Jenn’s book?  Maybe next blog, okay?)  And I write letters, letters, letters, real post office mailable letters!  How about that?

I don’t know ahy my type is do small and I can’t find anywhere to change it!!!  So I thought I’d use a little color, only I can’t tell what color I am using.  I do know that it is pale!  Maybe I should just go to boring black?  Is this black?  Is this?  Anyway, this is a bit darker.  Wish I could choose a different font!

At least, I think I will ask Marthe to choose a different heading!  Good idea!

What news do I have to report?  Well there is the news of the one triplet.  Did I tell you about the triplets?  We have triplet great grand nephews about 2+ years old, and now one of them needs to be treated for leukemia.  He seems to be responding well to the treatmwent.  That’s good, eh?

Another news item: Marthe and I had the opportunity to go to Lincolnshire to see “Les Miserables”  What a great show!  We enjoyed it thouroughly, thoroughly!   But driving north on Milwaukee  Ave. in the rain was terrible!  Because of so many construction spots along te wa!  But we wisened up and took a different route on the way back.

I just talked to Jennifer about the font problem and she suggested that I write on WORD first and choose any font and color and then “copy and paste”. Why didn’t I think of that?  Guess I am not as cool a\s aI thought, eh?  I’ll test it out and let you know!  That’s all for now,








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