Posted by: ottok88 | May 16, 2008


Yewterday Marthe and I workied in our garden.  My point here is that we saw NO WORMS!  And that brings to mind that we have seen no honey bees yet this year, and only one bumble bee and no house flies!  What is happening to all the insects?  Will there be no caterpillars?  no butterflies?   Bo mosquitoes? no ladybugs?  Who will do the pollinating?  what will the birds eat, that is the insect eating birds?  


I didn’t finish yesterday so I came back today to do just that!   Marthe and I met Denise and went eith her to Pesche’s Garden Shop on River Road in Des Plaines.  If you have never been there it would bwe a good wway to spend an hour or so.  Even if you would by  noothinh it is worth visiting.  But it is a very busy place this time of year/

Last week we had our blown over wooden fence replaced with chain ,\link and thus created a little more space.  Now we nweed flowers to fill the space.

Last night I dreamed about blogging and came up with several subjects but don’t remember today   what thry were.  I’ll try to think of something interesting.  OKAY?



  1. Cheer up !
    I saw a worm today on my lawn as I was pulling some weeds, and….believe it or not…..I saw a fly, 2 nights ago, yes, I saw it at night on the outside of my back door screen. I thought it was quite weird cause, first, it’s still cool out and I thought too cold for flies, and second….it was at night, thought they all went home when the sun goes down. So there’s at least 2 meals for your insect eating birds.

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