Posted by: ottok88 | May 23, 2008

Hooray! We may not have worms, but SNAKES!

Is this BLUE?  I thought I’d write in color for a change.  I can’t seem to find a way to change the font to larger type!?

The other dya I complained that we had no worms in our garden.  But we have been seeing snaes. (NO! It isn’t due to imbibing!  Anyway, we are both happy to see the little wriggley creatures.  They are not to be feared.  Yesterday one of our (5) daughters told us about seeing a red fox on her way to work!  It was not far from Resurrection Hospital that she saw it crossing Talcott Rd.  Is that exciting, or what?  IT IS EXCITING!

Marthe and I worked again in the yard yesterday.  And Imguess I overdid it…two days in a row.  Today I am soooooo tired.  Am I just getting old?  (Could be!  Could be!)  So excuse me if I don’t write more. Y’know, sometimes at night while I am trying to fall asleep I think of things that i would like to tell you, or to discuss with you, but when I wake up those thoughts have gone with the wind, even when there is no wind.  So, now you’ll make a comment like:  “write yourself a note.”  Like when I am already half asleep?   Get real!



  1. Gramps, I told you to type your blog post in Word first. That way you can make the font larger while you type it. Then copy and paste what you wrote into WordPress.

  2. Say your idea out loud to your wife, maybe between the 2 of you, someone might recall, or prompt the others memory a bit.
    Or else, write interesting anecdotes about your favorite daughter!

  3. don’t forget, your neighbor saw a deer…
    and I brought over a hoblin’ coyote the other day (u know who)

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