Posted by: ottok88 | June 3, 2008


At a time when I was about to give up writing blogs, I was encouraged by a couple of comments and I will try a bit longer.  Maybe I will “hear” from other comment-ers.


Let me tell you what I had in mind to tell you.  It’s about a book I am reading. Ordinarily when I express an opinion about a book I try not to sound as tho I am urging others to: Ya gotta read this!  But this one, without urging, I highly recommend it.  I may have talked about it in a previous blog, but my reading of it was interrupted.  Now I am continuing to read ”Three Cups of Tea”. If you ever heard the phrase that “One person CAN make a difference.” This book is about such a person.  It is well written, which makes it an easy read, and it is interesting and inspiring.  It is an adventure story in that it is about mountain climbing.  It is about the tense political scene in the region of Pakistan Afghanistan, India.  It is about one man’s exhaustive struggle to build much-needed schools into remote ruggedness of some of the world’s highest mountain ranges.  And, yes, it is a love story, too.  If you do read it, I would be interested in hearing YOUR opinion.


Did you know that you may borrow movies from many public libraries?

If you like movies, give it a try.  There are many older movies available too, even back to the silent era.  Give it a try, it doesn’t cost anything (unless you return it late). 



  1. Now that’s a blog entry! (Held my interest a bit more than you font issues) Here’s hoping you finish it, uninterupted. Then you can let us know how much you enjoyed the book.

  2. Otto,
    I have finally figured out how to get to your blog. Now that I know, I will send comments. Yes.

    I am preparing to leave for Orlando Florida tomorrow. So my time today is limited. I had been looking for a book to read while I am in Florida visiting Mike for the next three weeks. And as soon as I can, I will buy 3cupsOfTea…Sounds like just what I am looking for. I actually saw a copy in a store yesterday while I was out doing errands but didn’t know anything about it so passed it by and bought nothing to read but a magazine.

    You will be hearing from me while I am on my journey. I hope to be able to use the internet while I am there. If not, I’ll send a post card or something…
    Love you soooooo much. Keep blogging.

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