Posted by: ottok88 | June 9, 2008


Yesterday I completed my 87th year!  It was my birthday. I had told the family not to celebrate too much, And do you know what?  They DIDN’T!  But a little bit, which was fine with me.  One daughter took and me out for breakfast, my favorite meal.  And granddaughter came along too, and my wife.  I received a few gifts, too, one of which was a book, titled “CONSIDER THIS…” which is filled with tantalizing questions, which could begin a lively discussion!  I like that!


Speaking of books, the other day granddaughter, Jenn, and I went to Border’s Book Store, one of our favorite places.  She had 2 books selected and I was still roaming around.  But Gee! There are so many choices.  She would have continued to roam with me, but anyway, I picked up one that I have wanted to read and decided to call it a day anyway.  My choice?  “Madame Bovary” I had never read it, and never saw the Jennifer Jones movie.  I sure that the book will be “better than the movie” which is more often the case, isn’t it?  I enjoy the “Classics”.  What makes a classic, a classic?  (That’s one of the questions in the book I mention at the beginning above.  Could YOU answer that question?


Another question is, “Are all humans related?”  “How long does something stay new?

And, “If reincarnation exists, why is there no remembrance of past lives?”  And how about this one?  “Does originality exist?” or, “Will there ever be nothing left to discover?”  Huh?  Huh?  Huh?



  1. Huh? Huh? Well, come on. Start posting the answers to some of those questions. I’m anxious to find out!

  2. Happy Birthday, Otto! I don’t have any answers to your questions, but as long as you keep asking them, you’re doing okay.. 🙂

  3. Congrats on your 87th year! I read Jenn’s blog and just had to visit when I saw the link to her 87 year old grandfather’s blog!

    My dad is only 44 but he thought it was a big deal when he could use the internet–I can only imagine him trying to blog!

  4. I read Jenn, too…she is one of my favorite bloggers! And once she said her Grampa is a blogger, well I had to come and find out for myself:-)

    And I think it is super cute that you guys have dates at the bookstore together:-).

  5. Hey, you better not stop blogging. keep doing it and you’ll get better&better. by the time you’re 99, you’ll be a pro!

    Keep asking those questions, to make people think, like ‘if man can fly in a space shuttle (rocket) to Mars, can they fly and find where heaven is?” “why is gas over $4 a gallon? and will the cost ever drop to $2.50?”

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