Posted by: ottok88 | June 12, 2008

Yesterday when I checked my mail, I was uplifted, because some nice bloggers, made comments about MY blog!!! And how uplifting is that?  Thanks Joe, Hazel and Accidentally Me, for your kind words.  It was because of granddaughter Jenn that it occurred.  She has been staying with us for a while with her 2 cats,our “grandcats”.  Sometimes when our “Granddogs” come to visit it is a real picnic with 3 or 4 little creatures running and playing in the house, but cute too.  

Some Blogs ago I talked about reading the current “Chicago book selection’ of Mayor Daily, “The Long Goodbye”.  I found it rather tedious, a little boring, slow, and somewhat disappointing.  Mostly, I like a good mystery…like some of Agatha Christie’s stories.  Anyway, I did not finish reading “The Long Goodbye”. Instead, I opted for the DVD version, and didn’t like that either. I just wanted to ‘see how it ended’.  Though some reader’s may extol it, I was disappointed.That is my opinion, and I feel that it was a waste of time.  Anyway, it was my choice; I had to find out for myself, and that’s that.


Yes, Jenn and I did spend some time at Border’s last week, and I hope to go again.  We seem to share a common love for books.  We do not necessarily have the same taste in subject matter, but we can get the same thrill out of simply holding a book, the feel of it, the look of some, even the smell (!) of some, the, the, the, well, just the little details of a BOOK, can be a delight!  I look forward to our next trip to Border’s.


Speaking of reading, my brother-in-law in Quebec sent me an article from a TIME Magazine, recently.  It was an essay by Nancy Gibbs about some opinion she had concerning our attitude towards death.  I found it interesting and it sent my thoughts on the subject racing around like mad. So I lassoed them and wrote a 2-page letter back to said brother-in-law.  It is really an interesting subject, believe it or not.  It could start a lively round of discussions!  And not only on what death is, but the various aspects of it, the “how’s and why’s” of it.


Well, this is enough for now or I could go on for the length of a BOOK!  Thanks for your attention, anyway. 



  1. I read Jenn’s blog too and was delighted to hear that her grandfather was a blogger! I can’t imagine my grandparents- or parents even- blogging. Kudos to you.

    I just picked up Three Cups of Tea and after your endorsement, I can’t wait to start reading!

  2. I happened to see Jenn’s blog and was amazed to hear that her Gramps is a blogger. This is INCREDIBLE to me, especially because my own mom (who is only in her 50s) isn’t very internet savvy.

    Now that I have you for an example, hopefully she will dare to try using the internet and email more often.

    And thank you for writing about your love for books! I haven’t touched one in ages despite loving to read, but perhaps now, I’ll make time for one (:

  3. I’m also from Jenn’s blog after she left a comment at mine.

    I think it’s fantastic that you’re blogging – so a big ‘HELLO!’ and a bigger “KEEP IT UP!” from Canberra :o)

  4. I also found you though Jenn’s blog (even though I don’t even really read hers – – but I plan to) and I just wanted tou say hi from South Africa!

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