Posted by: ottok88 | June 23, 2008


Our daughter (one   sent me 5 questions to answer, so I’ll do the sporting thing and answer.


  1. What  were you doing 10 years ago? Can’t remember 10 years exactly, but 11 years ago I was coming back from a stroke! And 9 years ago, I was coming back from a quadruple bypass.  However, in between I’m sure there were nice things happening…too many nice things to list here.
  2. What are on the “5 things-to-do-list” today?  1. breakfast  2. check E-mail  3. pull weeds in garden  4. finish reading  “Three Cups of Tea” and 5. pray for you!
  3. Snacks I enjoy?  Jelly bread and coffee to dunk it in.  Munching on peanuts, almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc. nuts.  Chocolate covered donut and some warm milk.  Cup of hot chocolate and a cookie.
  4. Places I’ve been?  Wisconsin Dells!  Dubuque!  St. Louis! And OH YEAH!  To Paris and Munich and Zurich and Canadian Rockies, and New York, and Maine, and San Francisco, and Mexico, and on cruises, and, and, and, Oh, the greatest: Sherbrooke, Quebec and Rock Forest!  YEAH!
  5. Things I would do if I were a billionaire?  I would like to set up a few  scholarship funds for kids who couldn’t afford to further their education.  I would like to give a substantial amount to Greg Mortenson for his work in building schools in remote, impoverished area anywhere in the world as described in the book, “THREE CUPS OF TEA” and, and, oh, there is just so much good to be done with BILLIONS!  Even if I was ONLY a millionaire, I could do much!                               


  1. What a nice list of things to do today!

  2. You always have such a positive outlook on life. I think that is one (of the many things) I love most about you. Next time we visit, perhaps you could share some pictures from your many trips! I didn’t know you were a world traveler!

    Love ya, Nan

  3. A stroke AND a quadruple bypass?

    If there is more to say on either of those, they might be interesting reads/writes. :o)

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