Posted by: ottok88 | June 25, 2008


Some time ago I told you about a book I have been reading.  Since I finished it I have been trying to compose a review of that book, “THREE CUPS OF TEA”.  But words elude me, and about all I can say right now, is that it is a remarkable book.  I could say it is interesting, fascinating, gripping, a real page-turner, (whatever that is), and all sorts of descriptive adjectives meaning “wonderful”, but would they make you want to read the book?  I suppose not every reader would like it as much as I did, but I’d like it if they would try. I personally would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good book.  Maybe in my next blog I’ll come up with a more glowing, more convincing essay.


It may have been in that sane blog that I mentioned that one of my favorite authors is GABRIELLE ROY.  I had a comment on that blog from a woman who has read her in the original French.  How I wish I could be that adept in the language.  I’m sure that we miss much of the author’s writing talent in the translation.  Could be?


Now, I am beginning “Madame Bovary” without being sure how much I will enjoy that one.  And waiting for me “in the wings” is another book calling to me, Jack London’s “White Fang”.  I recently reread “Call of the Wild”, another on my “recommended reads.

There are just co many titles on my “gotta read” list, that at my age, I don’t think I will be able to read them all.  (Could I maybe take some of them with me?”)


Au Revoir for now.       



  1. Grandpa, i didn’t know you had a blog, wow, i always wondered where you got all those saying that you email me. congrats on the site!

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