Posted by: ottok88 | July 25, 2008


It is exactly one month since I last wrote here!!!  I’ve been telling everyone who asked, and others, that my neglect was due to laziness!  But, that is not really true.  Or so everybody told me, and I believe them.  Could it be old age? 

During my brief respite from blogging, I have not stopped reading.  Of course, I finished “THREE CUPS OF TEA” and also “MADAME BOVARY” which I also enjoyed.  Flaubert; I like the way he wries.  Now I am in the middle of another Jack London Great Book…“WHITE FANG” which is somewhat a companion piece to “CALL OF THE WILD”.  (Oh so many books yet to read!)

Since today is the 25th of the month, I should have known what that 1st phone call was this morning.  Our daughter #4,Denise, was calling to let us know how many months until CHRISTMAS.  She calls with this info every month. Well, no.  Sometimes I call her before she has the chance to call us.  She has been doing this every month for the past several YEARS! It has become , now, a tradition.  Just as much as our family gatherings on Christmas Eve!  Our grandkids keep saying now that we can’t move from this ol’ house.  Where would we celebrate Christmas?  It wouldn’t be the same!

But, eventually, it looks as tho we will sell, and move to a Retirement Home!  It is time.  I’ll tell you more about that later.  For now, it is getting close to dinner time.




  1. Tell your grandkids that THEY should be generating a Christmas celebration for YOU…not the other way around!

    Good luck with moving if that is what you end up doing. It can certainly be a pain in the toockus!

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