Posted by: ottok88 | August 4, 2008


HI!  Believe it or not, I am a CAT!  Me and my sister and our owner are staying here with Gramma n Gramps!  I snuk in here whEN they were not around.  Just wanted to see what this BLOGGIN is all about.  Not sure if id wanna do this much .  My paws are bigger than a finger on these keys.

I do like livin here tho.  I’ll use words now that I heard  long ago to describe somethin nice!  Livin here is the “CAT’s PAJAMAS.”  (what the heck is pajamas?)  Gramma and Gramps are pushovers.  They holler and scold us, but they secretly love us.  Me an my sister often jump up on Gramps lap and he just pets us, scratches our backs an our ears.  We just love it.  And almost every night when Gramps goes to bed and tries to read I go and lay down on his belly or his chest and stay until he stops petting me.  He can’t get much reading done.

That’s ehuff for now, I hear somebody coming.   Bye and have a purrfeck day.

(signed) VOODOO



  1. Pretty good typing skills for a cat. I’m impressed.
    But be warned….besides the “cat’s pajama’s”, another popular saying is “curiosity killed the cat”

  2. WOW! What a talented cat! If I could teach mine to write that well, I wouldn’t have to do my own newsletter for school.

    Love ya, Nan

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