Posted by: ottok88 | August 15, 2008


IAs the title says, I gotta get going!  But today I am oh, so tire, and oh, so lazy!!!  But, what to do about it? Yesterday I had every intention of spending time, this morning, in the garden pulling weeds! about amonth ago I cleaned them out, out, out,out! Now they are back, back,back! Well, I am not going out there today, no matter how loudly they call to me!!

Yesterday I got a report from the cardiologist that I passed my stress test!  Now I await the meeting with the vascular surgeon to discuss all the blockages in my arteries.  I think I would like to know of others with “peripheral neuropathy”.  It would be interesting to hear about their reactions to the condition and how they handle it.I think they call that a “Support Group”. How could I find one? 

The last thing that was written here was done by that cat “VOODOO”!  I think he will never do that again.  Boy oh boy!  did I give him the whipping of his life!  And people think I love animals, HA!   Just because the dogs who come here, and the cats are so apt to jump up on my lap contentedly, and even jump up on the bed with be when I take a nap, or try to go to sleep for the night.  Or who sit by me when I am eating, expecting a morsel of food!  Ha!  Fat chance, I would say! 

This afternoon I want to write a letter to my brother-in-law in Quebec.  I write in English, he writes in French.  He is a retired priest, and I have many questions for him.

But, now I am being summoned to come and have lunch.  Can’t resist a liver sausage on rye!  So I will stop here and “go git some”.

…see ya later!…



  1. Just saying hello from Florida!!

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