Posted by: ottok88 | September 6, 2008

Sept. 8th; A REAL FALL DAY

Yes it is A REAL FALL DAY!, in the 50’s overnight!  And today we had a visit from that very same “Praying Mantis” that was here last week.  Of course it is the same one!  And it freaked out my wife, daughter, and granddaughter when I let the insect climb up my arm, up my neck, across my head and over my ear!  Daughter was brave enough to help him off of me and back onto a leaf of the large multi-flowered sunflower in our yard where he was more “at home”  But he kept looking at me in his bug-eyed manner.

About a week ago, or so, I wrote that my family would not let me talk about my feelings towards DEATH!. I invited them to comment on that blog, and they did.  Their comments were mostly positrive and I am glad I wrote on the subject.  It was really not about dying but that I had thoughts on the subject and felt like talking about it! Maybe it’s because of my “ripe old age”, eh?  So it seems that now I can speak freely without them commenting negatively.

One major change in my thoughts during the past several years, yes, several, is that I think more often of my spiritual side.  I read more of things that speak of the spirit.  I have read John of the Cross, St. Therese, and Theresa, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, some philosophy, and studied the Bible, too.  I find the Bible filled with interesting reading and it provides so much material for discussion. 

Of course I still like to read other books as well.  Did I mention “Three Cups of Tea” before?  I highly recommend that one.  I wonder if they will make a movie of it???  And speaking of movies, would you believe that we just watched “Horton Hears a WHO”?  Yes, we did! But the original “KING KONG” is still one of my favorites.  What are some of yours? 

Now that it is so easy to reserve movies for loan from the library, over the internet, we are once again seeing many of our old favorites, like from the 30’s and 40’s. 

 Well, this is enough for today.  It was nice chatting with you again.  Your chatting is always welcome.  Have a good week-end



  1. Oh, Casablanca is my favorite old movie, by a mile! I could watch that forever!

    And I don’t care if it is cheesy and 67 years old…it still gets me every time. And Ingrid Bergman is still hot!

  2. I love the movie, “Somewhere is Time” with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymore. An awesome love story shot at Mackinaw Island. I haven’t seen “Horton” yet. Maybe I’ll get in for Andrew this weekend.

    Love ya, Nan

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