Posted by: ottok88 | September 13, 2008


Hi Dear Reader, What a weekend this has become September 13th, with a much diminishe HURRICANE IKE visiting the Chicago area. But nothing as bad asthe Texans have it.  We have only seepage in our basement.  But it bothers me because I can do nothing much to help my wife keep ahead of the seep, seep, seep!  Poor kid is getting so tired.  God bless her. 

A good thing happened too. Today i finally re’d a comment from daughter #5 on my BLOG of about a month ago.  In it I mentioned that I want sometimes to talk about the approaching  “end of life”.  The family kept telling me that they don’t want to hear anything like that.  “Oh, you got many years to go, blah, blah, blah.” 

Anyway, I did get comments from all the kids and others, and they were all positive and uplifting. They understand!  And the love me!  Which is the most important thing, isn’t it? 

I rec’d one comment from an unknown who sent me an inspiring quotation from Alber Schweitzer.  In fact, I went to the library to get a copy of his autobiography.  Thanks Mr. Mrs. or Ms unknown for that.  Thanks much.  I like hearing from you too. 

Now, It is almost dinner time and this is something I can do to help my wife.  And overnight I can help keep vigil over the seeping walls of the basement and hope that tomorrow will be better.  No spell check now, so overlook any ‘goofs’ okay?   Thanks and GOOD NIGHT!  



  1. Hi!

    I’m the one who commented with the quote, I’m glad you liked it. My nickname is Enny and I live in Canberra, Australia and I love that you have embraced technology in such a way!

    Good luck with the basement.

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