Posted by: ottok88 | October 24, 2008


Yes, I am back again, back at the old computer.  I would really enjoy sitting here and ‘talking’ with you more often,  others, I too have other things to  do!  Things like read, work crossword puzzles, chat with my wife and phone call to our 5 daughters, and other important things like that! 

I am looking at the damp, chilly weather outside, and listening to some Hawaiian music.  What pleasant, happy pictures come to mind!  A few years ago a group of our nieces and nephews went to Hawaii and we could have gone along, but I wasn’t feeling well enough to go.  Gog-gone-it. So Marthe didn’t go either.  I still feel sorry about that!

But, hey, we did have some other nice trips. For our 25th anniversary we went to Europe!  And we’ve been to San Francisco…wonderful city! and, thru the Canadian Rockies, another terrifisc trip!…and Florida, and several Carribean Cruises, and to Ixtapa on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, and, and, and, oh lots of places!  So we really should not complain!

I am having a long, happy life.  I love life, I love people and I feel loved.  What more can I ask?  Right now one of my niecs and a nephew are hoping and planning to have a bit birthday bash in 2011, when she will be 80 and he will be 85 and I will be a big 90!!!!!!!!!

We’ll invite thousands of friends……well several anyway. We have almost that many family members.  Marthe and I between us have great grand nieces and nephews and even a few great, greats!  It could be quite a gathering from all over Canada and the U.S.!!!!!!!

Did I bore you enough for this time?   Okay!  I’ll sign off here, but I could be back again before long.  Au Revoir, and Auf Wiedersehn!



  1. I would love to see Europe and the US! The five places I would love to see are Paris, Italy, Vegas, New York and the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is along the North East of Australia (off Queensland) and is full of amazing fish and coral.

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