Posted by: ottok88 | October 30, 2008


This morning when I awoke and looked out the back door, I saw FROST on the deck a the railings.  I just had to go out and shake hands with the “First Frost”!  I stood by the railing and runned my hand lightly across the white glittery surface and scratched it a bit feeling the icy crystal melt beneath my nails.  Then, believe it or not, I saw that frost smiling at me!  He remembered that I wekcome him every year about this time.

It is the same with the first real snow fall of the year!  That is exciting.  But I never say how tired I get of that whit fluffy stuff by the end of the season.  I also like walking through a leafy carpet in November when the fallen leaves are all dried and crisp.  Then I listen to them whisper as my steps make them go shhh!  shhhh! shhhhh!

There is something nice, something special about each season, isn’t there?  I am thinking now of “my friend” in Australia.  Enny (?) says that now they are looking forward to warmer weather and it is so nice at Christmas when the weather is near 90 degrees!  Of course they use Celsius. And you must know that it is springtime now “DOWN UNDER”  I wonder if they do or do not like being referred to as being “down under”…..HELLO ENNY!  (Is it simply Enny” or is there more to it?)

This is enough for now. Tomorrow I might have some special news.




  1. Heh heh – Enny is just my nickname. I don’t use my real name because then people who I know in real life would know that it’s me writing my blog – I prefer to keep it a bit anonymous.

    I don’t mind people saying that we’re down under – we’re pretty easy going in general!

    We don’t get a lot of snow in Canberra, but I’m only a two hour drive from the snow in winter (and a two hour drive from the beach in summer!). Our first frost usually comes on the Anzac Day weekend – April 25th. My dad would never turn on the heater until then!

    Happy Halloween – we don’t really celebrate it here, I would love to see a proper halloween one day :o)

  2. It’s hard to believe we had the first frost already – it’s so beautiful today!

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