Posted by: ottok88 | January 8, 2009


Yep!  We have had our little doggie for 4 days now and love him..  He loves us too.  He follows us,  jumps up on my lap or Marthe’s lap, shows constant attention to us and constant affection..  I think we will keep in…for now.  but if we decide to move to the retirement community, which does not allow pets…one of our daughters is ready to take him.  Everyone loves him!!!

Today we have beautiful sunshine, and clear blue skies, but starting sometime tomorrow we will pay for it with a long period of snow falling on our city!  But since it is still January we must espect January weather, eh? 

Last time I wrote I had an interesting bit of info on the comment from Australia.  Would you believe they had around 90 degrees of warmth on Christmas Day?  And they were feasting on lobster and shrimp and a variety of sea food.  Sounded like a seashore picnic!!!  Can you imagime that on Chrisatmas Day?   Well, when we havge our summer, they will be going ice skating and sledding I guess.  So dont be too jealous of their Christmas weather!   And wouldn’t we miss the snow and cold for our Christmas?    I would like to know where this Australian location is.  I may have asked at one time but with my ‘ancient’ memory, I forgot. I like to look for unfamiliar locations on maps and try to learn more about them. In that way I learn more about our world.

Enough for now, eh?  I’ll be watching for responses from all of you readers.   



  1. I’m in Canberra in Australia!

    We very rarely get snow in Canberra, if we do it never stays on the ground. Instead we get freezing winds that come past the snow on the Brindabella mountains… which is nowhere near as fun as snow!

    Our last few Christmases have been quite cold, so it was nice to have a hot one -I could imagine having to spend Christmas day all rugged up inside when we get to sit out on the back deck and enjoy the heat :o)

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