Posted by: ottok88 | January 16, 2009


WOW! What a cold day in Chicago!!!   High temperature was 1  below zero  faherenheit!  Everything is still covered with SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! from last weekend.  Our new little dog, “NIKO” doesn’t want to go out at all!  Not at all!  This week end the bitter cold will end.  It could get up to 20 degrees! 

 This  is our 2nd week with Niko and we are all comfortable with each  other.  He loves us and follows us , follows, follows,  follow, I mean FOLLOWS us all over.  He is one of the family now…gotta keep him.  Well, I wanted a lap dog, and boy! did we get a lap dog!  It seems that he takes turns with that, either Marthe’s lap, or mine.  And he will switch erery now and then!    If you get tired of hearing about Niko, let me know.  I’ll try to hold back a bit.  We are like new grandparents, eh?

Okay! , enough for now.



  1. Lapdogs are the best!!!

    Can he get some little snow boots and jacket to make it nicer outside for him? :o)

  2. love it! dogs are great! please do share the fun stories you experience!

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