Posted by: ottok88 | February 3, 2009


Now that we have passed Groundhog Day, we are (especially I am), looking forward to, SPRING!  Yes!  Yes! I know it is 6 more weeks of winter, but hey!  I can dream, can’t I.  Now, I am just wondering whether other countries observe ” GROUNDHOG DAY”?  Did they even hear about it in, say, Australia?

Anyway, the weather here in the Midwest U.S. is still heavily winter and we are tired of it. So we have a right to look forward to SPRING!   Then we can be outdoors in the warm sunshine instead of hiding indoors avoiding the cold sunshine.  But, I am not really complaining.  At least we are warm indoors .  NICE!

Our little pet, NIKO, is too darned cute.  Can’t help,loving him.  And it is nice to feel that he loves us too.  He makes us laugh, too, the way he scoots around like the little monkey that he looks like.

I may have mentioned it before, that once each month Marthe and I meet with a group of retired nieces and nephews for breakfast.  Today was the February meeting and as usual it was a jolly good get-together.  We trade family news stories and tell old jokes and, in general, just have a delightful hour or so.  Next month will be Marthe’s and my turn to choose a restaurant for our meeting.  We recently heard of a Mexican Restaurant that serves breakfasts. What could a Mexican breakfast consist of?  Probably similar to our American breakfast, eh?   Anyway it  should be different and interesting.

Now, time to eat dinner, so Farewell once again.  We hope you, our readers, are all well.  God bless.



  1. All I know about Groundhog day is from the movie ‘Groundhog Day’! There’s a groundhog that they bring out in the public and see if he sticks his head out? If he goes back in then it’s winter for longer? I don’t quite understand how that works… our seasons are 3 months each!!

    Let us know how the Mexican breakfast goes. The only international breakfast I’ve had was in Thailand… there was a lot of rice for breakfast, but a lot of toast and sweet strawberry jam!

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