Posted by: ottok88 | February 10, 2009

Those Australian Fires!!!

And we thought our California fires were bad!!   It seem that those in southeastern Australia are much worse.  My heart goes out to all those affected by the fires.  We can’t imagine how frightening it must be to have a home in their midst!!!    I do sincerely hope it is nowhere near Canberra where “enny” lives.

I was looking at a tiny map of Australia and it doesn’t look as tho the fires are too near to Canberra.  At least it didn’t seem like it on such a small map, not according to the TV reports.  But anyway, I pray for those people who are experiencing the flames! 

We’ve been complaining about “too much snow” in Chicago this winter.  What would Chicagoans do if we had to experience another “Chicago Fire” as in 1871?   Of course that was 50 years before I was born but I’ve heard about it and read about it enough to know how devastating something like that can be.

Today, however , was a very mild day and it took practically all of our mounds of snow away !  The temperature rose to 61 degrees and that would be 16 or 18 in Australia.  Just count your blessings, Chicago!



  1. Hi Otto,

    Melbourne is about 800km away from Canberra, so we are safe, although we did have a lot of fires in 2003 – you can read about them here:

    We were very lucky then in that my parents house was in the middle of the south of Canberra, but my boyfriend at the time lived at the very south of Canberra – it was very scary seeing the smoke and fires, feeling the ash blowing around everywhere and just the heat and the smell – it’s unforgetable.

    It is really terrible what is happening in Victoria – over 180 people have died. There are a lot of little communities surround by thick bushland, they just had no way to exit – in some areas I’ve heard that the embers were up to 40 kilometres ahead of the main walls of fire! It would have been absolutely terrifying, and there has been a lot of loss of wildlife too.

    It’s hard because Victoria had a very hot week (like we did! Up above 40 degrees on Saturday and Sunday) and everything was completely dried out, so the fire was unstoppable. It doesn’t help that the insurance companies replace wooden houses that have been burnt down with other wooden houses…!

    It was only 21 degrees in Canberra today, we’re all experiencing a cold snap… I much prefer the warmth, even if you can’t do anything but sit and sweat!!

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