Posted by: ottok88 | March 4, 2009


Last Sunday we celebrated birthdays of 2 granddaughters, ages 9 and 12.  It was here at Grandma’s and Grampa’s house as usual for most parties.  But this time the whole family was unable to attend because of previous commitments…only 14 or 15 were in attendance!  But we had a good party just the same.  Of course our little NIKO was here and had a “cousin”  DAISY here to  keep him company.  But I must be getting OLD because I  was so tired by the time the party was over! 

But the next day I felt better.  Maybe that’s because I know spring is coming and tomorrow the temperature will be well above normal…good news!   ….and no parties until Easter!  Then a couple of birthdays and in June several b’days, including mine, and then a double of graduations and more b’days, and then it will be AUTUMN again!  … and so on and on and on.  Time is going by so fast, and time is running out for me. 

Incidentally, last weekend our grandson, ANDY, asked me why I don’t post more blogs.  Ha! I didn’t even know that he read them.  So, why doesn’t he comment on them???  He’s going on 18 and should be able to do that.  He seems to be quite knowledgeable on the computer. Which reminds me…maybe I should ask him about putting a picture of NIKO on a blog  so my Australian friend ENNY can see him!  Good idea, because by the time I figure it out myself I may be too old to do anything on the computer!  What do you think?

Enough for now, I am going to take advantage of our brilliant sunshine today and take a walk with NIKO!   G’bye for now!



  1. Hey Gramps,

    I can show you how to put a photo on your blog. Next time I stop by, remind me!!

  2. Ooh! I can’t wait to see a picutre :o)
    You should also see if Jenn can show you how many people are looking at your site – that’s also pretty interesting!

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