Posted by: ottok88 | March 7, 2009



At last I can show you what NIKO looks like.  But from the picture we cannot see how small he is.  I did try to measure him, but it was difficult because he does not stand still for something like that!  He is ABOUT 18-20inches from head to tail and ABOUT 10 inches high at the shoulders, barely a lap full of dog!  But he is more than a bushelful of joy for us.  Everyone who sees him, loves him.  We will need to be careful that someone doesn’t steal him when he is alone out in the back yard!.

Jenn showed me how to attach a photo to a blog-post, but I forgot to ask ker to show me how to find now many readers I might have.  Thanks to Enny in Australia that I get some comments, I enjoy getting them.

Yesterday was a really lovely spring day with blue skies and so much sunshine!   Today is about 25 degrees cooler, cloudy and rainy although it is more like a spring rain than an autumn rain.  We can tell that spring is near.  We don’t expect any more snow, but we don’t know for sure because we DO have blizzards sometime in March!   In 5 weeks it will be Easter, then we will know that SPRING is really with us.

Okay!  This is over 500 words, and time to say, G’BYE!



  1. Niko is so cute!!!

    I went to puppy school with my parents tomorrow, they have a Shih-tsu and a Shih-tsu crossed with a Maltese. Both of the dogs are rescue dogs – one of them was from a puppy farm, and we believe the other one was as well, but was kept in a cage. As a result, they are both hard to train and have lots of little issues, but it was SO CUTE to go to the school to see all the dogs running around together having fun! Does Niko do many tricks yet?

    I’m glad it’s getting warmer for you. It’s starting to get cooler here – we usually have our first frost on Anzac Day (April 25) and we’re not looking forward to that – I just love the warm weather so much more!

    It’s also good to know how to post photos – I think it’s really amazing to be able to show people things from your world that they would never be able to see otherwise (thanks Jenn!!).

  2. I have never met such an amusing little dog before.
    He is just too cute, and too funny.

    Niko is good for you too, keeps you on the ball.
    Except when he steels the meatloaf of of your plate and you don’t notice until Mom asks “Where’s your meatloaf?”

    Heh-heh….just remember, one day he will be mine, oh yes, he will be mine.

  3. you should try to take a picture of Niko standing next to a person. then we could see what a little thing he is.

    Panda says Hi Grandpa!

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