Posted by: ottok88 | March 19, 2009


By the time we wake up tomorrow Spring will be here, officially!  And how welcome she is! It seems that we waited a whole year for her to get here.  We knew she would make it eventually!  I have not seen a robin yet, but others in the family have reported it to me.  So, they have returned and I’m sure I will see them soon, maybe even today?

By tomorrow, the first day of spring I will begin a new diet!  Not for losing wait, but because I have a new “condition” .  It is called CELIAC DISEASE!  Not ‘catching’, but inherited!  And I have no idea who passed it down to me…great grandpa?  Uncle John?   Anyway, it is simply an allergy to wheat products and other grains like rye and barley.  That means NO BREAD!  (Unless it is “gluten-free” as it is the gluten that is the problem.  So anything containing gluten must be avoided.  NO BREAD?!  How will I get along without my favorite dessert…jelly bread?  Guess I’ll need to invent something new to use jelly on!!!   How about scrambled eggs?  I have had ‘JELLY OMELETS’ in the past.  MMMmmm, good!  But i am sure we will find some gluten-free breads.  There is such a thing as potato bread, and corn bread, both of which ar acceptable.

Now I need to get back to finish our income tas report.  It is due by April 15th!  I can do it if NIKO stops interrupting me.  And, YES! we still love the little guy!

As usual, I will welcome a comment from you. Thanks. 



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  2. Hooray for robins!

    You will feel a lot better without wheat if you have an allergy to it. I’m vegan, so I don’t eat any meat, eggs, dairy or honey – and I don’t use leather or wool, or procucts tested on or containing animals.

    Gluten free would be very hard though – I just LOVE bread so much, but one of my workmates is a coeliac and he makes some FANTASTIC cakes and biscuits. It would be worth using google to find some gluten free foods!

  3. And I say “Hooray for Spring!” Although, living in Chicago all my life – I know better than to put away my boots or snow shovels!
    And yes, I have actually seen a few robins so far, encouraging, and I also so the lawn service people working next door – another sign of spring!

  4. It is also spring on this side of the lake. We have seen robins, turkey vultures and sandhill cranes in the past week or so. Also lots of “road kill” as the raccoons and possum wander out of hibernation. The daffodils and tulips are popping their heads up, too. Maple sap is running and being collected to make maple syrup, and families are out raking their lawns. All sure signs of spring. It sure was a LONG winter this year.

    Spring is my favorite time of year. I saw a farmer plowing his field yesterday and I enjoyed inhaling the smell of freshly turned earth. We also had a nice little rain shower the other day with that “spring rain” smell. I love it.


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