Posted by: ottok88 | March 31, 2009


It seems to me that everyone should have such a pet as our NIKO!  He surely gives us a lot of love, and a lot of laughter!  He likes to go out and play in the snow, but he certainly hates to go out when it is snowING.  Same when it is rainING.  But, hey!, we can put up with that, he is a good little fellow.   He loves to sit on laps.

Last Saturday we observed the annual “earth day” and turned out the lights for one hour.  It wasn’t bad to watch TV in the dark.  Then on Sunday we awoke to a snow scene and it did not seem as beautiful any more since it is now supposed to be SPRING.  But we know that spring is really ‘on it’s way.  But can’t help thinking of Australia and those countries who are just beginning their autumn.  Right, Enny?

That’s the only name I now for “ENNY”  Don’t even know if male or female????  Maybe someday I will know more, eh?  Now I think this enough for one blog, altho I could go on and on.  I’m going to take a nap.


In little more than one week it will be EASTER and I think spring will be here.  We are going to the home of daughter #4 this year.  That will \be easier than hosting the Easter meal at our house.  I think the kids should take turns at hosting it, don’t you think so?  We did it for so many years and now we are getting to be “elderly”.



  1. Heh heh – sorry! I’m a girl, and I turned 27 on Friday :o)

    We have two cockatiels that I absolutely love – I didn’t think I could get so attached to birds! But when we buy a house (we rent at the moment) we’re going to get a dog – I can’t wait!

    We had Earth Hour as well – we went out to dinner at a Fijian-Indian restaurant which is my favourite. We ate outside and they had little candles on the tables, which was lovely. But then because the lights were off, my fiance didn’t realise he left his credit card!! He picked it up today, luckilly ;o)

    If you don’t post again before then, I hope you have a lovely Easter :o)

  2. Happy Birthday Enny!

    And for the record……daughter #3 hosted Easter last year!

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