Posted by: ottok88 | April 22, 2009

SPRING? in Chicago?

The calendar says that spring is one month old already and we have not seen it except for one or two brief teasing visits. But now that 1/3 of it is over maybe it is here to stay for a while before the heat of summer.   But, we need all kinds of weather and that’s what we get in this zone.  So why complain???

NIKO had his first haircut sine we got him, and is cute and loveable as ever.  In little more than 2 months he will be 2 years old.  I am an antique compared to him.  I don’t think i will out-live him.  Some dogs live to age 14, or so.  By the time Niko is 14, I will be 100 years old!   Hmmmm!  I suppose I COULD make it, couldn’t I?  The odds are against it, however.

When I turned 65 I wondered if I would make it to 70 and when I turned 75 I was sure I would not reach 80.  Now I wonder if I will make it to 88 in June?  I have a niece and a nephew who, when I reach 90 in 2 more years, they will be 80 and 85.  The three of us are hoping to make it to that time and have a really big combined celebration!   Maybe I’ll invite President Obama to the party.  And maybe Oprah, too.  That would be the 3 BIG O’s…Obama, Oprah, and Otto!  How about that, eh?

Maybe I will invite my friend “ENNY” from “down under”?  She would be a real “out-of-towner”.  Hey, Enny, have you ever travelled outside of Australia?   Marthe and I have been to Europe once, and to Mexico a few times, and to Canada many times, since she is from that wonderdful country.  I would like to travel more but it is a litle late for an old man to be flying around yet!   I’m happy  that I can still type a blog!




  1. Hello again!

    Our last dog lived until he was almost 19, he was very old, but always a lovely dog, and I’m sure he could have kept going! I’m sure you and Niko will live long and lovely for a long time to go :o)

    How awesome would it be to have Obama and Oprah at your party! What a day what would be :o)

    I have been to Japan and to Thailand – my fiance and I went there in 2007, 10 days in each country. It was so amazing to see the other cultures and see all the things we had seen in photos. I would love to go to Europe too!

    I haven’t been to America or Canada though – I would love to see the lights of Vegas, and love to see NYC just to experience the hustle and bustle. My dad visited Boston – he did a course at Harvard for work and said he would love to live in Boston. Perhaps he will one day, and then we could all come and visit him! I’d also love to see Gracelands :o)

    You could come visit Australia!

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