Posted by: ottok88 | May 28, 2009


It has been a while since I sat here and “BLOGGED” but I have an excuse. I am getting lazy in my old age! But I want to comment on the recent comment from my Australian friend, “ENNY”.
She responded to my blog about our little snakes in our garden. She gave me the names of some Australian snakes and I copied them so I could look them up and find out more about them. But
imagine kangaroos getting hit by cars!!! Around here it is
deers that get hit!
It seems that spring is going to be really late in coming to
Chicago this year. Today is cloudy and cool and damp.
Not at all like spring. We do have spring flowers blooming but they are shivering too! We will probably go from this weather right int summer with HOT days! (But I shouldn’t complain. Australia is getting ready for winter!)

NIKO is doing great…loveable as ever, He is so funny when we return after being away for a couple of hours (or even less than
that) He hears us drive in and starts barking and waits at
the back door. We can see him as we approach and he is
jumping about twice as high as he is standing on his hind legs.
Too cute. I guess he loves us as much as we love him!
Our entire family loves him. Everybody loves NIKO! In Australia
you have wild dogs, called DINGOES if I remember correctly?
There must be many animals there that we don’t see anywhere lse, eh? How about bugs, insects, and things? I should go to the
library and check up on Australia, right?

Now, perhaps I have written enough for one day? I am tired of fighting with this computer. I already lost one blog before I
could publish it. So, I’ll say Au Revoir for now.



  1. Isn’t this weather miserable? It’s been the same in Boston…it just won’t turn into spring yet!!! Hurry up, already!

  2. I couldn’t imagine a deer being hit by a car either, so I know how you feel about the kangaroos! They’re considered a pest in some areas, which is really unfortunate – the government allows them to be shot in some areas, to cut the numbers. We’ve had drought here for a few years, so they’ve started getting closer and closer in the suburbs… and did you know they can halt their pregnancy? Then when conditions are better for them (like rain) they make the pregnancy keep going :o)

    We do have dingoes here too! I’ve not seen one in the wild, though I have seen foxes in the suburbs. There are also dogs that are half dingo – so they’re bred with labradors and other dogs… I find that a little odd.

    Christmas Beetles are a bug you might find interetsting in Australia. When I was younger I remember them being everywhere in Summer, right near Christmas. They were about the size of a 20 cent piece, and dark with a bit of a purple colour – almost holographic! They fly a little out of control and get caught in your hair and on the flyscreens, and weren’t particularly good at flipping over if they accidentally landed on their backs. They’re probably the coolest Australian bug!

    It is getting colder and colder here – there hasn’t been too many frosts yet, but it gets very foggy in the morning, and it’s very hard to get the washing to dry! Unfortunately we don’t have a dryer at our house, so we tend to hang the washing up all over the house in winter.

    Niko sounds like a dream pet – I can’t wait until we buy a house so that I can have a dog of my own! We’re not allowed to have them (we’re renting a townhouse) although our cockatiels are very good pets – they also get excited when we come home!

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