Posted by: ottok88 | June 9, 2009

The BIG 88…

Yes, I am 88 years old now! And eight is my favorite number… whatever that means? The family surprised me with a gathering on Sunday and I was really surprised. Actually we celebrated 3 birthdays. Our elds\est daughter had a birthday and a son-in-law- had a birthday…3 days in a row! It was a happy delightful wonderful celebration having with all the kids and grandchildren together.

And how do I feel about being so close to 90 yhears old? I feel just fineand not bothered by the thought. Not at all, honestly!

This morning on TV they talked about an upcoming program for this weekend about Australia having the most venomous creatures on the planet! But I know about that thanks to my friend “ENNY”. She sent me a list of the snakes, and in all my years on this planet I never knew there were some that were so very, very ,very poisonous. Thanks, “ENNY”. Any time you want to tell me something about Australia I will be glad to read it. Maybe I should just check the library fro a book about the continent,. There was some
mention of the platybus being venomous too and I had never heard that. I wonder hos much we Americans really know about Australia.



  1. I learned from my (half) Japanese friend that 8 is a lucky number in Japan, and 88th birthdays are a HUGE celebration! Maybe you should go visit and see if someone will throw you a party:-)

    Happy Birthday!

  2. What a big birthday celebration – congratulations on the double 8s :o)

    No worries! I’m glad you liked the information – is there anything about Australia in particular you would like to know?

    The platypus has a spur in it’s back leg I think, that’s poisonous. I remember from school that we were told not to pick certain animals up because they have poison, but I could never remember if it was a platypus or an echidna! Not that I’d rush to pick up an echidna anyway :o) I have seen an echidna in the suburbs – near my parents house, it was crossing the road at about 2am – I couldn’t get out of my car and hurry it up in case it spiked me! I haven’t seen a platypus in the wild though…

  3. A few days ago I was sitting outside, and saw a very long garter snake–must have been nearly 3 feet–catch a fat lizard in its mouth and wrestle with it, then glide off with it, fully stretched out. Wow! and they aren’t even poisonous! How can a snake the size of your thumb eat a fat lizard? Do they swallow them whole? He didn’t stay around long enough for me to see. They aren’t venomous, but they must have really sharp teeth.

    Happy 88th birthday. Sounds like quite a celebration. I think you should make it to 100. I read recently about a woman who was 116. She still looked pretty healthy, too, walking on her own and blessing a newborn baby in the picture.

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