Posted by: ottok88 | July 27, 2009


Yes, it has been an unusually cool summer in Chicago this year. What happened to all those 90 degree days we used to have in summer? (Would that be about 30 something degrees in Australia and the rest of the world?) In a few days it will be August and then we will begin to notice a feeling of Autumn in the air! And you, Enny will be looking forward to SPRING!

Australia seems to be a most unusual continent, especially as far as their animals are concerned, eh? The cute little koala, the Kangaroo, and that funny lit.I am not sure if any zoo in the U.S. has a platypus!!! And then there is the kookaboora bird. What kinds of unusual plants/trees/flowers do you have down there?

It has been almost 2 months since I last wrote here, but that is because I am getting lazy in my old age. I would like to write a really interesting BLOG, but right now, I can’t think and do not have time.. It is too near to dinner time. I will try to do better next time. (And Niko is still as cute as ever. I’ll say G’bye for now.


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