Posted by: ottok88 | August 2, 2009


During the past week I had two very interesting things pop up.One was a visit to Chicago from a niece who has been working with young people in India. The other was a comment on my most recent blog from a friend in Australia!

The niece from India gave a talk to a group of friends and relatives about her experiences iver there. It was very interesting but I will not go into details here…it would take a lot of time for me to organize my thoughts on such a subject and to type them out. But I am thankful to Jane (and her mother who arranged the event) thankful that theyn included Marthe and me in the group.

And Thank You, “ENNY” for all the info on Australia that you sent. I am excited to have it and I intend to read it all. I read some of it, but rather quickly. It is something that I want to read more carefully and study it somewhat. Maybe aI will try to print it all out so that I can read it in my spare time without rushing thru it. In that way I can share it with others.

It seems to me “ENNY” that it must have taken you quite a bit of time to do that and I want you to know that I appreciate it. I’m just sorry that i won’t have time to do that now. I am such a busy guy. I have too many interests and not enough enery to do it all. But, so what? I’ll just sit back and enjoy. Thanks for sending all that.

More later.



  1. Oh I would love to hear about India! It would be nice to visit I think, but a lot of poverty, and very hard to live there…

    Oh no worries! It didn’t take too long – there is so much on the internet once you start looking around :o)

    No rush for you to read and study it all! I just thought if it was something you found interesting then I should gather a whole lot of it together!

    It was actually handy because I was watching a quiz show on TV tonight and they asked a question about which flower belonged to which state, and I was able to correct my dad when he was wrong ;o)

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