Posted by: ottok88 | August 11, 2009


This past week-end we had real summer in Chicago: hot and humid. And now we are having a few days of cooler weather. BUT for next week-end they predict more heat and humidity. So we are finally having a real Chicago summer! Some people love the real heat, but Marthe and I prefer something under 90 degrees!

Yesterday one of our nieces came over with an album of pictures she had taken on a tour several years ago, to Australia, New ZeAland and Fiji. She had read my blog about the interest I showed in the information about Australian animals and plants that I received from “ENNY”, our friend in Australia. It seemed that most of her time in Australia was spent in Sydney. She even had a picture of herself petting a kangaroo.

Marthe and I were without our computer for about a week while Marty (son-in-law) took it home to “clean it up” for us; emptying a lot of memory that I didn’t need or use. That was good, but I was unable to continue reading all the info “ENNY” had sent about Australia. Now I can get back into that. There is a lot to read and study snd I find it really interesting. and each link has other links that I can go to. It will take me some time to go through it all. But I am really grateful to “ENNY” for compiling all that and sending it to me. Imagine sending that thousands of mile from Australia to Chicago in just a few seconds!!! I wonder how much time it would take to send something by mail????

I think I would like to write a bit about Jane’s (grand-niece) experience in India. Hearing Jane speak of it last week was very interesting. The culture over there is vastly different from ours here in the states. Perhaps if we would learn more about other cultures we would get along without war or fighting! Don’t you think so? Of course, we would need to learn to accept other peoples way of life.

We could go on and on discussing this subject but I’m afraid I already wrote too much. I do not want to bore the reader! I hope you have a nice day!



  1. How hot has your real summer been?

    I hope the photos of Australia were good! Sydney is about 3 hours drive from Canberra, we like to go up for concerts and music festivals. I think I told you that one of the last times I was up there I got to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge? They put you in jumpsuits and harness you to ropes, and you climb all the way up to the middle of the top arch and then back down again – you should have a look at pictures of the bridge!

    Don’t stress about reading all that information quickly – I don’t know much about Australian plants and animals. It’s funny, I guess when you live with those things, they don’t seem that interesting or unusual! But yes, the internet is good for sending vast amounts of information really, really, quickly!

    I look forward to hearing about India :o)

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