Posted by: ottok88 | August 18, 2009


I say “Dear Readers” as though I have so many and I am sure of only one, but there could be one or two more besides “ENNY” in Australia, the one who sent me all those interesting articles about Australia. It will take me awhile to read all that because I do other things around the house, even though my activities are limited. I would like to read comments from some of those other one or two readers. Any other reader out there from Germany? France? Peru? India?

That reminds me, Enny, that I am trying to recall a lot of the things my niece told us of her work in India. One of these days, I’ll send it. OKAY? And I just realize that I was wrong in one of my thoughts about Australia. I just check the locations of Canberra and Chicago and found that Chicago is closer to the North Pole than Canberra is to the South Pole!!! I was thinking that you were very very to the South Polar Region! Is that stupid, or what!! Well, We are never too old to learn. Even atmy Great Age I can still learn.
I have always been interested in Geography and could name all the capitals of our states, and most of the countries of each Continent on the globe! But now with the boundaries of countries changing frequently, it is hard to keep up.

Enny, I was just nwondering whether you come from a big family? Do you have brothere and sisters? I amd the baby of a family of 9 children. I had 1 brother and 7 sisters!!! Now, I am the only one left of that family, except for numerous nieces and nephews!

I just noticed that i have typed almost 300 words. Don’t you think that is enough for now? I”ll try to have some words about India soon. Please overlook all my typing errors, okay? Thanks!



  1. Heh heh – I’m hogging all your comments!

    I don’t think it’s stupid to be confused – I have no idea about geography – it must be so hard to know where everything is in America!

    I have three younger brothers – I am 27, and my brothers are 26, 24 and 22. My mum was one of 8 children, so I am one of 20 something nieces and nephews!.

    9 children in a family must have been a lot – was it hard? I can imagine having an extra 5 siblings more than I already have!!!

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