Posted by: ottok88 | September 7, 2009


On Sep. 12th our daughter #4 (Michelle), will marry Bill.  After being a widow for several years, she has finally met the “right guy”.  We are hoping for nice weather because she is determined to have the wedding in her garden.  She has a pretty decent garden too and we don’t blame her for wanting to show it off.  She never had a garden of her own before.

Later today I want to take a bit of time to read.  I really like to  read as well as write.  And speaking of reading, here’s a note for you “ENNY”: In one of your comments to a blog you mentioned the children’s book “SNUGGLEPOT and CUDDLEPIE”.  I was intrigued by those titles and wondered if I could find them here in Chicago.  Well, not at our library, but I did find some for sale on-line.  I used to read children’s books to our kids when they were small, then later to our grand-children!  And I really enjoyed that.  If I can find some copy of Snuggle and Cuddle (and not too expensive) I might just send for it.  It would be fun! 

Now,  I think I will take time out to sit in the back yard and read.  The weather is practically perfect for September.  Blue sky, bright sun, not too hot…just right.  We haven’t had many days like this all summer long.  It has been mostly very cool and cloudy.  Now we can feel autumn in the air while the Australians are looking forward to SPRONG and SUMMER!   Good for all of you.  Enjoy it! g’bye for now! 



  1. I hope you have beautiful weather for the wedding, I bet it will be a fantastic day!

    I don’t remember if Snugglepot and Cuddlepie are even that good to read – it would be interesting to read them again, and to see what you think :o)

    My favourite book when I was younger was “I will always love you” – it was a book about a boy who had a dog and then the dog gets old and passes away. It’s very sad, but very lovely.

    I hope you have some more good Autumn weather – it has started to get warmer here, mostly on the weekends. We had Fathers Day here on Sunday and we took my dad to the Belgian Beer Cafe – the sky was nice and clear and finally letting some warmth through. Can’t wait for summer!

  2. Correction: I am daughter #2, not #4. Thanks for walking me down the aisle (the driveway and on the lawn) and up to the alter (arbor). And also thanks for the father/daughter dance. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Love, Mimi

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