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In another week Marthe will be leaving me!  OH, not really!  She is finally going to be able to go to Canada to visit with her family after  3 years.   And because MY family does not want me to be alone for those 10 days, I will be staying with daughter, Michelle, and her husband.   I will be alone only a few hours during the weekday and not at all at night.  I will be okay with that and the family will have peace of mind and not worry about me.  Besides that, I will have NIKO with me.

I will take some books with me and some writing materials. And some cd’s to have some of MY kind of music with me. I’m sure I will have a phone call or two each day from each of the 5 daughters, and friends too, so I won’t feel at all as tho I am alone.  The time will go fast and I’ll be back home.  I really believe that “there’s no place ;ilk home”.  Do you agree?

The summer is over, (we did not have much of a summer this year) and the leaves are beginning to show some autumn color.  We just hope that winter won’t try to begin to soon.  I know that spring is starting in Australia now, Enny, and that sounds good to me. But the thought of having Christmas in summer would seem so strange to us. 

We have always heard Australia referred to as “DOWN UNDER”.  But there is really no such thing.  It is simply the way we “UP HERE” have always pictured it, right?

I am still enjoying all the information you sent about the animals and plants of your country.  Thanks for that.  I have always enjoyed reading about other far away places all over the world, but really don’t hear much about Australia.  I would like to have visited there but it is too late now, even if I could afford it. Probably the farthest I have been from Chicago, would be Eastern Germany.  Or is Mexico farther?  I have travelled far through reading, but that certainly is not the same.

We could not have afforded to travel much, but we have something better…our five daughters.  They are a real joy, and so our grandchildren. 

Oh! Oh!  almost 400 mwords.  I should stop now.  Hope I didn’t bore you too mich.  Maybe one of these days I will simply give up blogging.




  1. Ooh! Where abouts will you be staying? Is your daughters house far from your house? It will be exciting for Niko too :o)

    I think a cold Christmas would be very unusual – though the last couple of years we have had a cold snap on Christmas day, it’s very odd! It’s much nicer to sit around with family in the sun or in the hot loungeroom and eat too much and drink and laugh.

    We don’t mind being ‘down under’ – we’re used to it! It’s not like it’s offensive, so that’s nice. I saw my first wild wombat the day that I commented on your last post – we were driving home from the movies (we saw ‘up’ which was really really nice!) and I saw a dark log type thing out of the corner of my eye, so we turned around to get a closer look at it! It was actually quite a scary looking one, not as cute as I thought it would be. But then, I had a martial arts camp on the weekend at Merimbula, which is 3 hours outside of Canberra, and there was a wombat there too! It was much cuter, but we found out it also has mange, which was very sad. I was also very lucky to spot two echidna’s on the drive home! I wonder if I should have stopped and tried to move them away from the road – I hope they were sensible and didn’t try to cross the highway!

    I’m very bad with geography. The furthest I have been in Australia from Canberra is down to Adelaide, in South Australia. I might be going to Darwin for martial arts in 2011, and I would love to go to Perth one day – but it’s a 6 hour plane trip!

    I think it’s great that you’re using the internet and blogging! I do hope you don’t give it up.

  2. Hey Dad, it was fun to have you and Niko be our house guests for the week. After all these years, it’s about time that you stayed over in our house for a change. Sorry we had such late dinners. Hope you enjoyed your stay and our few outings. (It was like our’special day’, you remember thoses, don’t you?) Thanks for the good memories.

    Love, daughter #2 and you new son-in-law Bill.

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