Posted by: ottok88 | November 5, 2009


YES!  My computer is sick .  It is discouraging.  Maybe I need a  new one?  Anyway, that is the reason I have not posted any blogs for a while.  But, here I am anyway feeling well and happy!

We are having a beautiful weather week in Chicsago.  But who knows what next week will bring.  The trees are almost bare of leaves now, so I guesss it is really autumn!  Winter is coming!  And Christmas is coming too, fast!  But first we need to have “Thanksgiving Day”  (I wonder if they have a holiday like that in Australia? As far as I know it is strictly an American Holiday)

Hello, “ENNY”.  How are you doing?  You are well into your SPRING now.  I bet you are happy about that, aren’t you?  

I really have a big problem with this computer.  It is discouraging and I don’t know enoough about computers to know what to do or even what to think!  I guess I’ll need to ask one of our grandchildren.  The young ones seem to know more about these things than us “old folks”.   But I know enough to be able to do the few things I want to do, so I am happy.  I am mostly  a happy person anyway. 

Our little dog, NIKO makes us happy.  He is just too cute and funny. He makes us laugh and  we are happy to have him.  We have had him only 10 months, but have had 10 years of happiness with him!      Now with that thought I will say “Farewell” for this time.  I will try to write again soon, if this computer behaves itself.   g’bye



  1. Hi! I am doing well – got back from my honeymoon yetserday :o)

    I got married on October 24, the weather was lovely after three weeks of rain, and it was the most fantastic day.

    We honeymooned in Port Douglas, Cairns and Airlie Beach. The water was so clear and blue, and really really warm. The lowest the weather got was 23 degrees, it was just perfect.

    We caught a boat from Port Douglas out to Agincourt reef, it took about an hour and we sat across from a couple in their 70s who came over from British Columbia for the Masters games – she competed in the discus and a few other events, and he just got to watch. They were then travelling around different parts of Australia and then back through Fiji and a few other places on their three month holiday!

    We got to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef which was pretty amazing – have you read much about the Great Barrier Reef?

    I hope your computer gets better so you can keep posting!

  2. Hey gramps! Don’t fear! I’m sure we’ll figure out something for your computer. And don’t forget, Christmas is coming!

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