Posted by: ottok88 | November 19, 2009


Yes, I am ready to admit that I am getting lazym in my old age!  My Australian Blog friend gat married about a month ago and I am only now sending CONGRATULATIONS!.   (But Im domwish good luck and blessings to both of you!)  

In one week from today we Americans will be celebrating our National Holiday of THANKSGIVING.  It is a day of feasting, usuallu with a roast turkey and a variety of foods  to go with it.  And we should be giving thanks too for all our blessings.  Some of us go to Mass or to services of  their choice, or just say a prayer with the family at dinner time.  But it is a day to give THANKS.   I think it is mostly an American tradition since the time when the colonists first arrived on our shores and settled here in1620.

Then in just about another month we will be celebrating Christmas.  That is another big day to gather with family.  It is a happy time.   I’m sure there is some celebrating all around the world at Christmas time.  Then comes New Year’s Day and what seems to be a long winter,  So we begin to look forward to SPRING!  And we start all the cycle all over again.

I can enjoy any month, any season, any holiday, or actually, any DAY.  When one has family mand friends one can be happy .  Do all of you who read this agree?  So in case I am particularly lazy during the coming weeks, let me say that I really mean it  :   MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.   But I willtry, really try, to find time to write again.




  1. I’m getting lazy too – but I’m half your age – what’s my excuse?
    Enjoy your holidays – Maybe I’ll come see you if I’m not too lazy.

  2. Thankyou!!

    I think Thanksgiving is a lovely idea – to give thanks for all you have. Though all I’ve seen of it is from American TV shows, so I’m not sure what it’s actually like in real life.

    Are you getting together with all your family for Christmas? And New Years?

    I can’t wait for Christmas – it’s getting warm here (I drove to Sydney on Friday and it was 44 degrees outside!) and it’s just a happier time of year – everyone gets happier when the sun is out and daylight savings is on!

    I do hope you update again before Christmas – Happy Thanksgiving!

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