Posted by: ottok88 | December 2, 2009

Can it be December already?

Yes, of course it can be December!  That’s what time does!  IT PASSES!   Last week we had our Thanksgiving dinner but with only one of our daughters, (and her family) which is very unusual.  The other four spent the day with their in-laws, which is as it should be.  We had the traditional dinner of turkey (plus a ham) and mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes and cranberries and a vegetable or two and pumpkin pie.  AND WINE WITH DINNER.  It was all very nice, and comparitively quiet.

Our Chrisrmas Eve will be different.  We ALWAYS  have the whole family for that dinner.  We try to vary it from year to year.  This year we will hasve 2 roasts…9ne pork and one beef,  And we will have the side dishes catered.  That will save Marthe from some of the work. 

We also have a “grab bag”  where we pick a name (unseen) and purchase a surprise gift for that person!  (I wonder whether they have anything like that in Australia???)  Now that we are in December, we can feel real WINTER approaching.  Freezing temperatures are predicted for this week and even some SNOW!  The first snowfall of the season is always exciting to me, altho some people don’t appreciate that.  I also always love to see the first ROBIN of springtime return to the Chicago area from their stay in the south during winter.

Most of us who grew up in the midwest (like in Chicago) do appreciate the change of seasons.  Now Australia is looking forward to SUMMER and that must be exciting, too.  Today I want to be the first (?) to sayMERRY CHRISTMAS  to all of you.  HAve a great one.  But I would hope I have a chance to post another message on this BLOG before too long.    G’bye for now.



  1. Isn’t it crazy how quickly Christmas has come around!

    We do have that as well – we call call it Secret Santa or Kris Kringle! I do that with some of my older cousins, and sometimes at work. They also have one where everyone just puts a general gift in a pile, then the first person around the circle picks a gift, then the second person can pick that gift or a new one from the circle, then the third person can pick from either of those two gifts or from the circle!

    The weather is lovely here at the moment – sitting just under 30 degrees! We went today to buy Christmas decorations for our desk at work, and we have our Elvis Presley Christmas Carols CD playing, so it’s getting to be a lazy time of year!

    Wishing you and all your family a very merry Christmas too!!

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