Posted by: ottok88 | December 5, 2009


 Today  we have 3 daughters here , all very busy  in the kitchen, with Ma, all working at baking Christmas Cookies.  Iia who are fighting some other group for killing kangaroos and emus for making flavored chips, (like potaato chips I pret has become a tradition by now, after about 10 years or so!  I don’t participate besides tasting.  It gives me a chance to relax (?) and do a bit of reading or writing, which I like a lot! 

This morning one of the daughters sent us an E- MAIL, about some group min Austrailsume)  Enny, do you know anything about this?  Is that a legal method for controlling This morning one daughter sent a news item (by E-the animal population?  I suppose those animals could be used for food, if necessary?   I’d be interested to know more about this.  Oh, oh!  I an being called now to come and have lunch…. HAM sandwiches!   

Well, that was good, but now I am ready for a nap!  It is a rather cool day, but with bright sunshine.  It would seem more like Christmas if it was snowing.  We did have a few flurries the other day, but it did not last.  But, not to worry, we are sure to have plenty of the white stuff! 

Golly,   Now I am wondering whether I will be able to attend any Christmas service this year.  It has been over a year since I went to Mass!!!  Oh, well, I think the Lord understands, and will excuse an old man, eh?  Actually, I don’t go out much at all, except to the doctor, or maybe to visit a daughter.  But that’s about it.  I don’t miss it tho, because I enjoy our home, and I like to read and to write and maybe watch TV if it is something worthwhile.  But there is so much junk on TV lately.

Oh, I just  noticed that  I am over 300 words already, so I had better stop for now.  Excuse any type errors, I feel lazy enough to omit checking it over.  THANKS.   And in cas I don’t get back here again, let me wish you a

VERY MERRY HAPPY CHRISTMAS…..even a warm one to all of you “down under”



  1. I do know that they do cull kangaroos sometimes – I am totally against it because I am vegan and believe no animals should be round up shot.

    It has become more common (but doesn’t happen all the time) because of the drought. The kangaroos move closer and closer in to the cities and farms and eat all the grass and crops. They say that they kill them because there are too many of them in a small space and they will starve themselves to death if they don’t, but there has been places where the groups have tranquilised them and trucked them to different areas. I prefer the tranquilising and moving method but I am in the minority because instead people start to complain about how much money it costs to move them.

    Did you know that when kangaroos are pregnant, they can ‘pause’ the pregnancy for up to a year? They are actually very good at controllng their numbers so that there aren’t too many for the amount of food/water, but there are stll people who think thy know better than the animals themselves…

    I hope the cookies turned out well and that you get some beautiful snow soon!

  2. Thanks for wanting snow… we probably have 14 inches and it isn’t finished yet….

    Nice to be brought up to date on my family..

    We are all fine… Closed in with the snow and nearly everything, even Western Michigan University is closed.. and we have another day of this coming…

    That’s enough already…

    Love you……

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